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Education and Topics 2021

** New topics 2021
• Customizable education and training for a variety of audiences is available through Lores Consulting,

LLC. Topics include but are not limited to the following;

General Audience:

  • Practicing to the “Top of Your License” and Proud of It!
  • Comfortableness with the Discomfort of Surveys (MDH Comprehensive Surveys/Hospice and HHA)
  • Ethics of the Matter: Practical Ethics in a Complex World
  • **Disaster Ethics Amid a Pandemic
  • Responding with Confidence to Difficult Questions from Seriously Ill Patients and their Families
  • Words and Actions do “Matter!”
  • What’s the BIG deal about POLST and Advance Health Care Directives?
  • Caregiving: Shedding a Light on Caregiving for Someone with Memory Loss
  • **Words and Actions Matter more Than Realized
  • Skills in Solicitation of Patient and Family’s Preferences: Both Responsibility and Privilege
  • Confidence in the Discussions of Benefits and Burdens of;

o Hospitalization
o Pain and Symptom Management o Dialysis
o Artificial Fluids and Foods
o Implanted Electronic Defibrillators o Starvation/Dehydration
o Antibiotics
o Symptom Management
o PalliativeSedation
o Caregiving

Consumer Service

  • Marketing Strategies with Results-Marketing to the MAX
  • ** From the Other Side of the Chair- a Daughter/Nurse Perspective
  • The Speed of Trust: Essential for Today’s Health Care Environment Lores Consulting, LLC 1 2021

Grief and Loss

  • ** From the Other Side of the Chair: A Daughter’s Perspective
  • Finding Peace in the Midst of Grief (Getting through the Holidays)
  • “When Professionals Weep”-Personal Losses in the Workplace
  • ** Comfort in Concrete: A Grief Experienced Self-Care
  • Communication Strategies to Facilitate Discussions not Feuds
  • Compassion Fatigued: Compassionately Satisfied
  • Dancing on the Edge: Caring, Compassion and Boundaries
  • Professional Boundaries: “The Wide Gray Line” Hospice and Palliative Care Hospice “101.5” and More
    • ** Deprescribing in the Context of a Terminal Illness
    • Details, Documentation and Denials in Hospice Clinical Records
    • Advance Care Plans and POLST-Compare and Contrast
    • Debunking the Myths of Palliative Care and Hospice
    • Hospice Services in Various Settings
    • Hospice Care in Assisted Living: Who Does What?
    • Hospice Care Collaboration with a Skilled Nursing Facility
    • **Hospice Care Collaboration within an Assisted Living Facility
    • “Difficult Discussions-Serious Illness”
    • A Study of Hope in the Light of a Serious Illness
    • The Role of a RN in Hospice
    • The Role of a SW in Hospice Leadership Skills
  • Hiring for Success
  • Identification of Priorities as a New Clinical Manager of Assisted Living Lores Consulting, LLC 2 2021
  • Building Successful Work Teams Part I and Part II
  • Identification of your Leadership Style
  • **Supervisory Skills that Coach and Empower your Staff Clinical Skills
  • Pain Assessment of the Non-Communicative Patient
  • **Documentation-Beyond Checklists and Dropdowns
  • Pain and Symptom Management in Palliative Care/Hospice
  • The use of Palliative Care Clinical Assessment Tools (FAST, PPS, CHF, PAINAD, GDS, etc.)
  • Comprehensive Clinical Assessment of the Geriatric Patient
  • Improving Medication Management in Community Based Settings
  • Medication Reconciliation for the Community-Based Clinician

o Assisted Living o Home Care
o Hospice

Spiritual Care

  • Sacred Spaces-Communicating Presence
  • Existential Distress- Professional Interventions
  • Nurturing “Spirit” with Confidence and Competence
  • “Hopefulness” in the Knowledge of a Serious Illness
  • Increasing confidence in assessing spiritual anguish
  • Vulnerable Adult Assessments, Reporting and Interventions
  • The Role of a Registered Nurse in Assisted Living Minnesota Basic and Comprehensive Home Care License

o Orientation to Licensure Requirements and Implementation
o Survey Trends and Compliance
o Housing with Services and Home Care: Collaboration and Boundaries

Minnesota Hospice Licensure

Lores Consulting, LLC 3 2021

o Survey Trends and Compliance
o Orientation to Licensure Requirements and Implementation

CMS Medicare Hospice Conditions of Participation o Orientation to CoP’s and SOM

Lores Vlaminck, MA, BSN, RN, CHPN is an approved ELNEC “Trainer” for the following courses:

ELNEC: End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium Curriculum-2020 Geriatric Curriculum

Module 1: Principles of Palliative Care
Module 2: Geriatric Palliative Care
Module 3: Syndromes and Symptom Assessment and Management Module 4: Pain Assessment and Management
Module 5: Cultural and Spiritual Considerations
Module 6: Ethics and Goals of Care
Module 7: Communication
Module 8: Loss, Grief & Bereavement
Module 9: Final Days

Lores Vlaminck, Principal, MA, BSN, RN, CHPN Lores Consulting, LLC, Rochester, MN

Lores Vlaminck is a consultant for home care, palliative care, hospice, and assisted living providers; offering education, training, audits, and coaching. Lores’ 40+ years of professional nursing experience spans clinical practice in both cardiac and intensive care, outpatient clinical services, and as a founder and director of a Medicare certified home care/hospice agency for 19 years until starting her consulting practice 15 years ago as “Lores Consulting, LLC.”

Lores offers education on palliative and hospice care and is certified trainer of the ELNEC (End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium) modules, EPEC (Education on Palliative and End-of-life-care) modules and the HPNA’s (Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses Association) curriculum. Lores travels nationally and internationally to share and learn from experts in the field. Lores obtained her BSN and a master’s degree in nursing education from Bethel University, St. Paul, MN. 

Presenter Provides:

  • Customizable presentations with flexibility to meet your audience needs
  • Positive energy and passion throughout the presentation
  • Engaging and personable
  • Research based information as applicable
  • Approachable, encourages audience participation
  • Electronic “print-ready” handouts and resources materials
  • Content applicable for Continuing Education credit for nurses, social workers, paraprofessionals, chaplains and volunteers
  • Laptop and projector if needed
  • Evaluation sample for customization
  • Virtual platform for hosting presentations
  • Certificate of attendance